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High Surge Protection 8 Way Multi-plug

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High Surge Protection 8 Way Multi-plug

High Surge Protection 2-year warranty claim period. Max connected load: 3680W. Built-in mains checker, which indicates if there are possible wiring faults. Protects eight appliances only. Overload reset button. Illuminated ON/OFF switch. Holes and screws for wall mounting. 0,5m cord. Safety shuttered for your protection. Manufactured with flame retardant materials. Repair or Replace warranty terms and conditions apply. Features: - Provides power & protection for up to 8 appliances, including a convenient schuko socket - New design- No single pin insertion - Built-in home wiring tester - Built-in safety shutters acts as a preventative measure against children inserting fingers or objects into plug sockets What's in the box 1 x FBWP3 Surge Protection Multi-plug and warranty form